Best Options Event of the Year!

Site Administrator | October 28, 2011

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We were joined recently by two outstanding options traders (in our opinion two of the best in the biz).  Mark Sebastian of and Steven Place of came on the TradingPub to cover several of the top stocks in play and share different strategies that could be taken around these stocks.  We discussed NFLX, AAPL, VIX, SPX and much much more.  If you have ever wanted to know how a professional views the market and uses volatility, time decay and risk reduction strategies in Options Trading then look no further than our Bull vs Bear Shootout event.

We would also like to congratulate Steven and Mark on receiving our Toast of Trading Award for the "Best Options Event" of the Year!

Recording:  Options Strategies

To join our next event on Short Term Trading Strategies, please click the following link:

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