Larry Gaines

Larry GainesLarry Gaines helps individuals generate greater income from their investment and trading capital with less risk exposure. Larry founded Power Cycle following over 30 years of professional trading experience in the commodity and equity markets. During his tenure as head of an international trading company that often traded a billion dollars’ worth of commodities in a single day, on a regular basis, he learned first-hand the necessary elements of a successful trading system and the use of options for enhanced trading returns. His international trading group was one of the first to trade over the counter (OTC) options on cargoes of foreign crude oil and traded millions of barrels of the North Sea Brent crude oil options.

Today Larry is an industry leader in teaching the use of Weekly Options, as well as futures for day trading and swing trading. Using his in depth trading knowledge and experience, Larry developed the PCTM® model to allow for greater profits with a more disciplined, systematic degree of trading success.