Zac White

Zac White is a partner and Product Specialist with He brings 10 years of trading experience and a wide technical background consisting of civil engineering, software programming, and IT logistics to the table. Zac has assisted countless numbers of traders to model their trading systems, allowing them to backtest and auto-trade their systems.

Zac is the foremost authority on using BloodHound and runs weekly training workshops sharing his expertise and experience, providing traders the advantage of harnessing state of the art software for robotic assisted or fully automated trading.

Tell us a little about your background and what led you to trading?

 My first trading experience was when my father came out to visit me, and he brought a copy of TradeStation (v3 I think) and a shoe box sized special cable modem.  This was way before cable modems became standardized.  It was a lot of fun, and that’s what started the gears turning in my head.  Several years later is when my trading endeavor really started in the early 2000’s with simple stock trading.  The Dot Com bubble helped catch my attention listening to all the tech stocks making the news.
After achieving my first trading goal, to purchase a new motorcycle out right, I was hooked.  That was a great eye opening experience.  Several years later I took the Investools PhD course where I went from stocks to options to futures.

How did you become involved with SharkIndicators?

Jeremy and I had been friends for several years working together coding trading systems before SharkIndicators came about.  The precursor to BloodHound, called something like ConfidenceSolver, came about while we were studying together under a divergence trading coach.  When Jeremy first showed it to me I was amazed.  It was unique, and I saw great potential in his software.  Due to circumstances, we lost touch with each other during that summer for about 6 months.  During this time Jeremy had given it a new interface and greatly improved its capabilities.  When it was nearly ready Jeremy managed to get a hold of me, showed me the new ConfidenceSolver, now called BloodHound, and asked me to help him out again.  Of course I said “You bet.”

What do you like most about what you do?

I love working in the trading sector, because of the creativity behind trading.  Using my creativity to design systems and assist other is a lot of fun.  I believe it’s universal that we naturally enjoy using our creativity.  Taking our customers suggestion of what they want to solve, and finding a simple as possible common solution.  It’s like solving puzzles and building a better solution.

What is it like to be partnered with NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader has a great business model and charting platform that meets people’s expectations of a software company.  We try to match it as close as we can, while staying within our means.  Their promotional support has been critical to our startup and exposure, and hopefully we can return the favor by showing new & old customers how powerful & flexible their platform is.

Why do you think more and more people are interested in program based trading?

More and more robotic trading is making the news these days.  Traders know this puts them at a disadvantage and therefore welcome any computer assistance they can gain in their own trading.  Markets are very volatile these days and move quickly. Traders are always looking for a way to decrease the amount of time it takes to make a decision.  Program based trading helps them match these powerful robotic systems, and not to mention it helps remove the emotional mistakes.

Explain the difference between a prebaked system and Bloodhound?

BloodHound is the tool that will allow you to quickly analyze and back test a prebaked system allowing you to determine if it's worthy of trading. BloodHound gives clear signals based on your prebaked systems indicators and rules.  By having clearly marked entry points you can quite easily determine, through historical analysis, the systems strengths and weaknesses, such as what market conditions doesn't require and what time of day it best performs.  Also, when you remove ambiguous entry points you can’t fudge the results.  If you had a prebaked system most likely you would want improve upon it by testing various indicators to filter out some of the bad entries.  BloodHound is excellent at doing that.
Once the due diligence is done and you are ready to trade, Raven will auto-trade your BloodHound system.

How do you see SharkIndicators helping traders improve their odds over 2013?

Backtest, backtesting... backtesting.  We would all love to forward test our ideas/systems into the future to know if it’s worth trading, but clearly that’s not possible.  The only other alternative is  to backtest it.  BloodHound is the simplest and quickest way to do this.  Period!