Over two-thirds of Facebook brand pages inactive

TradingPub Admin | November 22, 2012

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Brands need to up the ante on Facebook as new research reveals over 70 per cent of Facebook brand pages are updated less than once a month. analysed 5.7 million Facebook pages and found 73.5 per cent of company pages are considered to be inactive, despite the opportunities for engagement the social network provides.

Local businesses were found to be performing better than their larger rivals, although 60 per cent of pages belonging to local firms still receive less than one update a month.

The figures, reported by Econsultancy, also revealed over 85 per cent of businesses ignore conversations on their pages. It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that engagement levels on Facebook brand pages have dropped by 8.5 per cent since March. 

Engagement metrics should form a strong basis for a social media strategy. Having a high like or follower count is of little use if those 'fans' are not engaged, and regularly posting fresh, relevant, high-quality content is a tried and tested way of increasing engagement.

Creating engaging content

Any good content strategy should contain a wide variety of content dependent on your needs. For example, for a B2B organisation white papers are great for thought leadership and lead generation, blogs engage readers and put a personal face on an organisation and industry news shows you have your finger on the pulse.

It is also becoming increasingly apparent that visual content marketing should be part of this mix. The analysis added to a growing body of research which shows visual content marketing, such as infographics, produce the highest levels of engagement.

The research revealed visual content generated between 65 per cent and 350 per cent higher engagement than non-visual content and follows on from HubSpot data which revealed photos on Facebook receive on average 53 per cent more likes than the average post.