Official Trading Pub Commentator: Tony LaPorta

Tony LaPorta has been in the futures industry for thirty-two years, the first twenty-four evenly split between the floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the London International Financial Futures Exchange where he was a pit trader. As the traditional outcry trading methodology became displaced by more mechanized computer trading - and embracing the benefits of the technical backbone of this trend - Tony sought to help the legions of his colleagues and contacts from around the world make the transition. This catalyst for his formation of was complemented by Tony’s longstanding reputation for consulting those who appreciate the science of trading.

Tony quickly discovered his technical expertise and ability to translate market indicators to a clear and approachable daily commentary were his strengths.

Tony writes and recommends with the right combination of passion and deep insight. His homework and approachable analysis are heralded as some of the best available, presented as his daily view of the overall marketplace backed with well-documented and highly educational chart work.

Tony has formulated his own trading system, the basis for advice and market calls provided in his commentary and Gut Trade – including buy and sell signals computer generated in all markets. The TLP Gut Trade is second to none, with a hit rate of well over eighty percent over the past three years.

Tony trades a fund based out of London. He returned 80% in 2011 trading futures contracts only.

He’s frequently cited as one of the most qualified readers of the swirling vortex we’re all trying to understand and succeed within. This combined with Tony’s uniquely authentic and engaging commentating style have led to a steady increase in clientele.

In 2011, Tony was awarded the TradingPub's "Toast of Trading" award for "Best Market Commentary"


If you would like to view a copy of one of Tony's recent recordings, please click the link below:

TLP Recording 

Tony also was kind enough to offer a substantial discount on a 3 month subscription to his Market Newsletter.

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