Passive Trading Strategy [Video Strategy]

TradingPub Admin | June 13, 2013

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Have you ever received the emails saying, "Keep an eye on XYX stock" because it is going be the next "Google" or "AAPL"? Well the real story behind these is that stock promoters spend millions of dollars trying to promote the "Next Great Shale Oil Find" or "World Changing Technology" all in an effort to increase volume and pump up the shares.

The trader featured in the video below has actually implemented a strategy of finding these "promotion stocks," jumping in at the start and then getting out after a few days. He mentions some pretty big return numbers in the video. When mentioning those numbers, he points out that even though they are possible it is not realistic to capture every move. The key is to focus on the strategy he covers and the fundamentals behind it while doing your research.

Learn this Trader's Passive Trading Strategy Here

You will learn the following from this video (no opt-in required):

  • What really causes "Parabolic" Moves (focus on the story)
  • How to use PR and Marketing Campaign Promotions to Your Favor
  • Why you only want to "date" these stocks (don't marry them)
  • The exact percent that this trader sets his profit target for on "Promotion Trades"

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