[PDF Download] Takeover Signal Strategy

TradingPub Admin | March 20, 2013

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Remember that time you bought a stock and the very next day it was taken over and you made a ton of money?  No... we can't either.  The good news for us though is that there are ways to take advantage of certain "volatility blips" that occur when a stock becomes a takeover target.  It is possible that the key to finding this edge resides in watching the options market for that particular stock.  This strategy is a limited risk approach to capture the volatility aberration in stock options prices that can occur from the initial media hype of a rumored takeover.

We recently downloaded a free PDF from a 20 + year veteran, former CBOE market maker and trader for Goldman Sachs and it is available to TradingPub members free of charge:

Access the PDF Download Here

This PDF Download covers:

  • Capturing the volatility blip that comes after the initial hype period
  • Understanding the volatility component of longer vs. shorter term options (page 2 of the report)
  • Criteria needed to make the "surveillance list" (hint, trading at 6 month high or low)
  • Which strikes to focus on (Step 1)
  • Which months to focus on (Step 2)
  • Picking an Entry (Step 3)
  • Understanding the profit scenarios and maximum loss amounts (page 6 of the report)

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