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TradingPub Admin | March 12, 2013

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Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Pivot Points, MACD, Volume Profile, Market Profile, Previous Day Highs or Lows... we could go on and on about the different methods traders use to find key areas to trade in the market.  Have you ever noticed how many times an important fib level coincides with Elliot Wave and Floor Traders Pivots as well?  This type of concurrence is known as "confluence" in the markets.  We recently held a class by a guy who helped give our patrons  a Ph.D in support and resistance and have now made a copy of that available to you through the recording below!

This Free Recording Will Teach You:

  • Why a "Less is More" approach will improve your trading
  • How the application of statistics to traditional research methods can give you an edge
  • How focusing on Support & Resistance can help you become a more focused trader
  • The difference between Proactive and Reactive Support and Resistance methods and why you should use both.

Access the Recording Below:

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