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TradingPub Admin | November 21, 2012

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A couple of weeks after the election and it seems as though the country is more divided than ever.  Depending on which side you listened to before election, if the other guy won, the country would be in big trouble.  Now that the election is over, so much of the talk has shifted to the fiscal cliff and how the world is going to end.  Our take on things is that the world is not so much going down the drain, but that there will always be tough times and bad things have been and will continue to occur in the world (sorry for the rainbowless point of view... we live on planet earth and not in fantasy land).

How many people do you know that voted Obamney?

As far as the divided country though, here is our advice for you.  To make it easy to follow we are laying it out in bullet form:

  • America or whichever country you live in is going to be as divided as YOU make it
  • Do not rely on the President (regardless of which party) to make your life better
  • Work hard, be honest and help others
  • At the end of the day you can't take money with you so do something good with it while you have the chance
  • If you are reading this on a computer, odds are you are in a somewhat developed country and have a better standard of living than most of the world and almost all of past civilization
  • On the bright side, you are not a turkey so you probably don't have to worry about getting eaten tomorrow 🙂
  • If your business is struggling or you are having a hard time finding work, spend time volunteering somewhere or helping other people because 1.) It is good to help others   2.) You will feel better 3.) By helping other people you will open doors that could end up helping your business 4.) If you are looking for work, by volunteering somewhere, you will most likely have the opportunity to meet some decision makers along the way that could help you find a job.

While it may seem like this country is extremely divided and headed towards immediate destruction, it is important to look back and gain some perspective... Many people have heard the following, but we recommend taking 2 minutes out of your day to listen to it again.  We are very thankful this year that dreams like this continue to come true:

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The TradingPub

P.S. We made up the word rainbowless

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