Powerful Candlestick Breakouts – Trading the T-Line

TradingPub Admin | March 6, 2015

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At the TradingPub, our goal is to bring successful professional traders together with our members in a comfortable environment that allows for a free exchange of information and ideas.  Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting Stephen Bigalow in our Top Traders classroom for a great presentation on how to use candlestick formations, stochastics, and an 8 period EMA to trade a variety of markets.Our hope is that the trading education provided by professionals like Stephen Bigalow, will help you to build a solid foundation that can ultimately lead to improving your trading consistency, confidence and results.

Steven Bigalow shared some of his powerful candlestick breakout patterns and how he trades the T-Line (8 period exponential moving average) to find, enter, and exit trades with optimal results - regardless of the market and time frame being used. Some of the main points covered during his presentation included:

  • How to protect your gains when trading
  • Early warning signs that a trend is about to turn.
  • Learning when it’s safe to stay in a trend
  • Identifying optimal entry points in a trending market
  • Determining where to exit a trending trade

For those of you interested in finding out more about Steve's preferred  trading methods, click the link below to receive a limited time only 50% discount  off his best-selling Trading the T-Line for Fast Profits educational DVD and course material.



Hundreds of you stopped by and asked to receive a replay of his presentation. For your convenience we have included the full video here:


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