Psychology, Repetive Patterns and Binary Options

Site Administrator | June 9, 2012

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Session 1: Bennett McDowell of on "How to Make Your Mind Work for You and Not Against You"

Description: Learn Bennett's favorite techniques for eliminating the fears that cloud your judgment. Apply his mental strategies and you'll make decisions based on reality, and not the delusions that cause most traders to do the exact opposite of what they should be doing -- especially during extreme market moves. If your emotions are now swinging between fear and greed, let Bennett show you how to stay grounded in reality.

Session 2: Alla Peters of on "How to Trade with Repetitive Patterns and With No Indicators"

Description: One of the best ways to overcome emotional money losing trades is to use a method that you can always feel confident in. Here's your chance. Alla Peters will teach you about a strategy that requires no indicators and uses simple, easily recognizable price patterns. She uses it every day to make trading decisions on the mini Russell and Euro Currency futures products. Her secret? Price patterns that repeat over and over again every day. Look at the charts she shows you and learn about a simple way to identify the best and most powerful turns in the market.

Session 3: Colin Quina of on "3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Summer"

Description: Binary options are one of today's fastest growing new trading vehicles. Colin will provide you with a full overview of how binary options provide you with multiple opportunities based on price crossing a threshold over a specific time frame. Don't miss this session because Colin will then walk you through several strategies that are designed for different market conditions.

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