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Special TradingPub "Occupy Futures Event - Learn from over 100 Years of Experience in 4 Hours!"

Topics: "Futures, Futures and More Futures"

Guest Speakers:

9:00 - 9:40 Neil Yeager of DTI Trader - Trading Futures off the Cash Open

9:40 - 10:10: Ryan Olson of Kinetick

10:10 - 10:45: Henry Marchell of Mr Topstep Group - Energy Futures

10:45 - 11:15: Mike Vacchi of Mr Topstep Group - Utilizing Pivot Points and Volatility Levels in E-Mini Trading

11:15 - 11:55 :  Aamar Hussain of Pivotfarm - A PH.D in Support and Resistance

11:55 - 12:35: Carolyn Boroden of Fibonacci Queen - Futures Chart Time Fibonacci Style

12:35 - 1:00:  Ray Stein of NinjaTrader


About our Guests:

Neil Yeager of DTI Trader:

Neil Yeager comes to DTI after being a student and mastering the DTI Method.  With a BS in Finance/Accounting from the University of South Alabama in 1992, Neil has professionally traded since 1996 and currently is active in the DTI trade rooms. Applying the DTI Method to all markets, Neil expertly trades the Forex as well as the futures market and is the lead moderator of the DTI 24 Hour TradeRoom.

Henry Marchell of Mr Topstep Group:

Mr Topstep Group Contributor and Managing Director of Stanton Analytics. In my 32 years trading commodities, I have helped thousands of professional traders produce consistent and reliable results, particularly in the Oil Market. Our long list of customers includes: Shell, Chevron and Conoco, as well as JP Morgan, Bank of America –ML, and Citi, among the financial institutions. As a trader and mentor to thousands of the greatest professional traders in the oil market today, we at Stanton Analytics have decided to bring our expertise to a broader spectrum of the trading community, to help people, such as yourself, achieve the same consistent results the professionals do.

 Mike Vacchi of Mr Topstep Group:

After trading in the markets part time for several years I gradually gave up my law practice to become a full-time futures trader. Through both Mr. Topstep and I focus primarily on trading the e-Mini using pivot points, volatility levels and Fibonacci retracements to protect price movement. Volatility levels are areas in which buying or selling is likely to become exhausted. Allowing for a reversal of prior direction or conversely a breakout above those levels to bring in new buyers or sellers to a market. The use of the volatility levels and pivot points can be equally applied in index trading energy markets, metals and grains. These levels have been used with great success in the Mr. Topstep IM and we are proud to bring them to everyone.

Aamar Hussain of Pivotfarm: 

Aamar is the Chief Technical Analyst and Managing Director of Technical Analysis provider Pivot Farm. Prior to creating, Aamar worked as an independent trader and analyst, providing research analytics to proprietary firms based in the City of London. He is a regular speaker at trading seminars and expos and is very much an advocate of the “less is more” approach focusing on Support and Resistance methods as the core of his methodology.

Carolyn Boroden of Fibonacci Queen:

Carolyn Boroden is a Commodity Trading Advisor andTechnical Analyst that has been involved in the trading industry for over 20 years. Her background includes working on the major trading floors including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the CBOT , NYFE and COMEX. She taught a segment of the Chicago Commodity Boot Camp seminars for 4 years on advanced trading techniques using Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market. She has also lectured for the Market Technicians Association, and the International Traders Expo on technique.

Raymond Stein of NinjaTrader: 

Raymond Stein has been involved in trading the Equities and Futures markets for over 8 years. He joined the NinjaTrader team in 2008 and has represented NinjaTrader at several trading shows in New York and Las Vegas. Raymond currently runs the NinjaTrader webinar training program and is the Partner Liaison for NinjaTrader’s vast ecosystem of trading educators and third party partners.

Event Date: Saturday, February 4th

Start Time: 10:00 am EASTERN (New York time)


Professional Traders

Special TradingPub Double Header featuring Adrienne Toghraie and Aamar Hussein!

Topics: "Psychology of Trading" and "Indicators are Liars"

Speakers: Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target and Aamar Hussein of Pivotfarm


Adrienne is considered an expert by her peers in the financial community for coaching traders, brokers, and investors to their next level of success. Her 12 books on the psychology of trading have been highly praised by financial magazines. Adrienne’s public seminars and private counseling have achieved a wide level of recognition and popularity, as well as her television appearances and keynote addresses at major industry conferences.

We will be interviewing Adrienne on topics such as trade tntry timing, improving disclipline, and what it takes to become a successful trader.

Aamar Hussain is the Chief Technical Analyst and Managing Director of Technical Analysis provider Prior to creating, Aamar worked as an independent trader and analyst providing research analytics to proprietary firms based in the city of London.

  • Why Indicators are Liars! And how a "Less is More" approach will improve your trading.
  • Strategies on how the PowerZones can help you become a more focused trader.
  • Learn to stop over-trading and focus your energies on high probability trade areas
  • The difference between Proactive and Reactive Support and Resistance methods and why you should use both.

You will learn from Aamar how you can use these levels in your trading to improve your odds of success no matter what system you presently use.

Event Date: Thursday, October 13th

Start Time: 4:00 pm EASTERN (New York time)