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Site Administrator | May 18, 2012

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you know, our mission at the TradingPub is to provide you with quality education from top traders from around the globe. While we strive to provide this high level of education all the time, it seems that in the past week there has been an extraordinary amount of outstanding education shared so we thought it would be helpful to list a recap of them so you can review over the weekend.  Feel free to let us know which ones you enjoy or if you have any traders you would like us to work with in the future!

Occupy Futures Event - 6 Outstanding Traders educate on Futures Trading Techniques

Candlestick Breakout Patterns - Steve Bigalow educates on Powerful Candlestick Patterns

Options Trading Strategies - Steven Place educates on Options Trading Strategies

The Simple Truth About Trends - Free Video by Todd Mitchell educates on Futures Trading Strategies


Be sure to join us for our next event on Tape Reading, Trading the Open and Support and Resistance Levels by clicking the following link:

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