Robotic Trading for the Retail Trader

TradingPub Admin | March 29, 2013

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Have you ever lost money because of the fact that you let your emotions take control and strayed from the plan?  We can confidently say that it has happened to us more times than we would like to admit.  Trading is a tough business and it seems with the algorithms and high frequency bots that is has only gotten tougher over the past few years.  The cool thing is that while technology continues to advance, many of the tools that were only available to the "big boys" and those with deep pockets are now available to individual traders like us.

We are going to be joined this Thursday at 4:30 pm eastern time by a trader who has dedicated himself to providing individual traders like us the opportunity to trade with precision and without emotion by constructing a rules based trading method.  Be sure to check out the recording below to find out how you too can become more "robotic" in your trading:
During this class, Jeremy Tang from Shark Indicators covers:
  • Understanding the Trading Landscape (quants and algos)
  • Why Robotic Trading Can Help Your Bottom Line
  • Keys to Success (what the big boys do)
  • Two Systems and their Rules - "The Price Swing Trend" and "Moving Average Crossovers"

Access the Recording by clicking the video link below:

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