Guest Post from Santa Claus!

TradingPub Admin | December 1, 2012

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We are extremely excited to announce that our free education has reached the North Pole!  Here is a special guest post from Head Trader of North Pole Investments, LLC...

My head elf Chip is a wizard when it comes to trading. He is the only elf that knows about these things. He joined the TradingPub, so he could hang out and chat with top traders in the industry. A group of elves became very interested in what he was doing. They had a bunch of questions.

As sharp as he is, he simply couldn’t answer them all. So he had them join the TradingPub. He always says “You can’t be toy makers forever, you need to think about your financial future, today!”

So the elves have been taking classes and watching webinars. I also joined the site! We all sit down with our coffee and go over charts and graphs. It is one of the most exciting things to do on the North Pole.  In fact, our elves even make up about 1000 of TradingPub's 25,000 + likes on Facebook!

While I’m traveling the world delivering toys, my reindeer are busy talking about stocks futures, options and Nadex. It is a long trip and a long night. I take my iPhone 6 with me (they get me to do some beta testing on upcoming products), to check maps, weather and watch some of the great recording of free trading education featured on TradingPub.

Some of my elves had a big interest in trading, but did not really know how to get started as a beginner.  Our head elf, Chip actually mentioned that there was a new exchange that offered Defined Risk on every trade.  Chip said that any elves interested in this new exchange can get free videos and recording from this site:  Top Secret site for Elves Interested in Defined Risk Trading.

Putting on my warm slippers,  enjoying a  nice cozy fire with Mrs. Claus and  reading Tony LaPorta's Weekend Commentary is my idea of a perfect night.  Tony is normally on my naughty list, but I have moved him over to the nice list this year thanks to his recent short Japanese Yen Trade as well as his Long Cattle trade this summer.  Thanks to those trades, there might be a little extra in the stockings this year!

I will be putting his commentary and the free Nadex videos on my top list of gifts for this holiday season!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus (with his iPhone 6 Beta Issue working on avoiding the Fiscal Cliff)