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Site Administrator | July 30, 2012

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In the spirit of the Olympic Games, we deemed our Saturday Trading Session the Publympics.  We had close to 700 participants tune in throughout the Saturday session to learn about current market setups, binary option trading strategies, bull spreads, trading psychology and order flow breakout strategies.  We would especially like to thank the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) for sponsoring this Saturday session and for their commitment and dedication to retail trader education!  If you have not had the opportunity to trade Nadex products yet, we highly recommend you taking a test drive of their platform.  Once you sign up for the demo, if you email us at support(at) we will email you some additional tutorials that will be helpful to you as you learn more about Nadex - Test Drive Nadex Here  

Thanks again to all of those who took the time to join us for this Saturday's Event:


We love our patrons and appreciate all the kind comments following the event! 

[12:35 pm]   John M : great job and thank you TradingPub!
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[12:36 pm]   Darrell M : fun show - we will have to do another one soon
[12:36 pm]   A S : Love the Publympics! Thank youl!
[12:36 pm]   sharon s : Thank you have a good weekend
[12:36 pm]   Denise A : Morgan and team - great job. PUBLYMPICS lol
[12:36 pm]   Gail C : thanks, Aamar and ALL the presenters today... and a special thank you to Morgan!!!
[12:37 pm]   Darrell W : Thank you sooo much everyone. Will they be replay of the teachers today?
[12:37 pm]   Darrell M : TradingPub rocks - - Morgan thanks for putting all this together
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[12:37 pm]   BOB R : love the brew you serve here at the pub.
[12:38 pm]   robert F : thanks got to go to the cheesecake factory for lunch, so many tribulations LOL , good afternoon
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[12:39 pm]   Gail C : We love the Trading Pub!!
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Session 1: Dan Cook on an Intro to Nadex: 


Session 2: Tony LaPorta on Current Market Setups


Session 3: Darrell Martin on the Ultimate Hedge Strategy


Session 4: Adrienne Toghraie on Evolution of a Master Trader: 


Session 5: Aamar Hussain on Order Flow Breakout Strategies: 


Thanks again for taking the time to view the recordings from Saturday's event. We hope they will be beneficial to you! If you want to keep up with key market news as well as future TradingPub events, be sure to check out our new:

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