September 26 Strategy Session

TradingPub Admin | September 27, 2012

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Session 1:  Colin Quina of on "3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Fall"
Binary options are one of today's fastest growing new trading vehicles. Colin will provide you with a full overview of how binary options provide you with an "all or none" opportunity to profit, based on price crossing a threshold over a specific time frame. Don't miss this session because Colin will then walk you through 3 strategies that are designed for different market conditions.

Session 2:  Jason Jankovsky of on "Finding Tops and Bottoms Using the Four Components of Market Structure"
Traders are often challenged to find tops and bottoms. You may be surprised to learn that price is the LEAST significant part of the market even though it is price we are all trying to exploit. In reality, price is the RESULT of how the underlying market is structured from its other components. You will learn what these other components are and how their relationship to each other can help you get on the right side of the order flow when a change is due.

Session 3:   Glenn Thompson of Pacific Trading Academy on "How Using a Few Price and Time Correlations Can Consistently Find an Edge"
Glenn will outline the specific models he uses to regularly locate high value trades. A major obstacle to profitable speculation is the plethora of data constantly bombards us, as market participants. Certain foundational relationships responsible for market behavior, when combined, can enable an astute observer to cut through the chaos and more easily see where the value areas reside.

Session 4:  Alan Morrison (aka Professor Alan) of Dimension Trader on "How Much of An Edge Can Indicators Give You?"
Can you trade with uncanny accuracy and no uncertainty? Ever wonder how indicators are really used by successful traders? Find out from Alan Morrison how 5 years of research has unlocked the secret of blending common and proprietary indicators to accurately signal entries and exits in many markets. In this webinar you will learn what these indicators are and how they are weighted and integrated to pinpoint exact entries and exits.

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