Review of Serge Berger on the Art of Swing Trading

TradingPub Admin | January 21, 2013

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From time to time, we like to share free trading education provided by other traders that we feel might be helpful to you.  Just as an FYI, we don’t automatically forward this stuff to our patrons and say, watch and learn while hoping it turns out ok for you. We actually take the time to review it and make sure it has value for those of you that might be interested.  Here are a few things we picked up from the video offered by Serge Berger and Marketfy:

Topic: The Art of Swing Trading by Serge Berger

High Points: Why Swing Trading?- Identifying Swing Trades- Spotting Turn Around Points- High Probability Trades- Price Confluence- Setting Targets and Stops- Choosing A Stock

In this session with Serge, he covered several areas of swing trading in general, but the most applicable section focused on how to spot turning points in the market.  Serge uses a combination of technical indicators that come together at the same time to identify trading opportunities.  He emphasized the fact that the more technical indicators coming together at once, the better (this is called a confluence zone).  A confluence zone gives you clear indication of an area that can represent major market turning points.  By learning to use these confluence zones, it is much easier to put the odds in your favor.  Serge also suggested using these zones to place a stop by putting it just on other side of the zone opposite of the direction of your trade.  This may seem simple, but according to Serge, it is responsible for much of his trading success.

If you have read enough already and want to see the video, you can access it by clicking below:


Here is an overview of what Serge covers:

Why Swing trading?

-Inherent Psychological Advantages- Less Stress, Less Boredom

-Trading Is A Business, Not Entertainment

-Swing Trade Time Frame- 2 days to 2 months

-Lots of Setups with Clear Stops and Targets

Identifying A Trade:

-Different Time Frames

-Stay In Your Time Frame

-Look for the Turnaround Point

Spotting a Turnaround:

-Look For Obvious Reversal Zones Called Confluence Zones

-Combine Candlestick Formations, Moving Averages, Fibbonacci Retracements

-Confluence Zones- The More Technicals Combine The Better

-Place Stops On The Other Side of Confluence

-Goal: Capture the First 2-10% of the Move

-No Need For Greed- Take Profits and Move On

Picking a Stock:

-Eliminate Noise

-Focus on Candlestick Formations

-Look For Confluence and Focus on The Setup

-Find Positive Volume Whether Up or Down

-Learn Your Craft- Develop Your Method and Stick To It!

You can access a copy of this session at the following link:   ACCESS RECORDING HERE


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