Looking for a Few Good Sharks!

Thank you very much for your consideration!  We hope that our business is something the Sharks can sink their teeth into and make some money!

TradingPub's Online Community is Looking for a Few Good Sharks! 

TradingPub is an online establishment that is geared towards teaching individual investors about the financial markets.  Our goal is to provide free education to our "Patrons" through online webinars featuring top traders from across the globe.

We want to accomplish the following for our Patrons:

1.) Learn about the markets from top traders from across the globe

2.) Enjoy their time at the Pub and develop a sense of community with other Patrons

3.) Teach people to trade well, but to also do good and give back to others.  In addition to hosting free webinars for non profits, TradingPub currently donates 10% of revenues to charities that focus on inner city revitalization and education.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TradingPub

Contact Information:  Morgan Busby - morgan@TradingPub.com