Shorting Penny Stocks that are Pumped

Site Administrator | January 28, 2012

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We had a very interesting guest at the TradingPub last week in Timothy Sykes.  Timothy joined us at the Pub to share about a few different things to look for in penny stocks that can lead to shorting opportunities.  If you google Tim's name you will find everything from reports that he is the best thing since sliced bread to reports that everything he does is hype.  We try to form our own opinion of others based more on substance and our own experiences and while it was the first time Tim joined us at the Pub, he did have a very impressive call that he was extremely clear about throughout the presentation.  The most impressive part of his presentation was actually the one stock he told everyone to focus on and write down... that stock was BVSN.  The event was held on Tuesday following the market close and that day, BVSN had closed around a price of $33.  Tim mentioned to our group that he was short and looking for a large drop.  The following day, the stock was down about $5-6 at times and closed out the week at $21.22 (about 30-35% drop).  One of the issues Tim mentioned with Penny stocks is finding available shares to trade as many end up on a hard to borrow lists.   One of his suggestions was to setup more than one account to give users a bigger pool to choose from in case one broker did not have shares to borrow.  We have included a chart of BVSN to show the steep decline (note the event was held on January 24th at the close and that is the point the arrow is pointing to).

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