Special Doubleheader Event with Thomas DeLello and Adrienne Toghraie

TradingPub Admin | February 27, 2013

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We are so thankful that Thomas DeLello and Adrienne Toghraie took time out of their day to share some outstanding free trading education with our patrons!  Thomas led off the doubleheader by teaching traders about using Order Flow in the Markets.  Adrienne then shared about the evolution of a trader and the many psychological hurdles successful traders must overcome.  We have posted a copy of both recordings below for your review so enjoy your double shot of trading education!

A Double Shot of Education

Session 1 with Thomas DeLello of Order Flow Edge:

To gain access to a 7 day trading session with Thomas, click the following link: Access Trial (it is a one time charge of $7)

Session 2 with Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target:

To learn more about Adrienne and how she helps traders, go to:


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