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TradingPub Admin | November 29, 2012

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This month's edition of Trader Talk involved three speakers that focused on short term trading techniques that range from a matter of minutes to a few days.  We are very thankful to Neil Yeager of DTI, Kirt Christensen of Trading Science and Chuck Hughes of TradeWins Publishing for taking time out of their trading day to share with our Patrons!  These three excellent presentations are listed below:

Session 1: Neil Yeager covers 2 trade opportunities at 8:30 and 9:00 am ct every day, how to swiftly detemine market range for quick signal execution and key numbers you need to know and how to find them:

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Session 2: Kirt Christensen of Trading Science covers what happneed on June 4, 2010 that gives investors opportunities each week, using weekly options to make Friday a pay day and simple reasons why major stocks like Apple and Google make up 40% of options volume.

To learn more about Kirt, go to - Learn More Here


Session 3: Chuck Hughes of TradeWins Publishing covers how price movement of a stock won't affect your cash on cash return, the advantages of weekly covered calls and why weekly options produce 6 times more premium than monthly options.

To learn more about Chuck - Learn More Here


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