Candlestick Breakout Patterns

TradingPub Admin | March 15, 2013

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We had a huge crowd of traders in the room for Steve Bigalow's class and he literally knocked it out of the park with a jam packed session of trading education.  Steve took us through some of his favorite patterns that can be applied to all markets in all timeframes!  We have posted a quick recap of the class below as well as a copy of the recording:

During This Free Class, You Will Learn:

  • Which signals produce the Breakout Patterns
  • How to perform a quick visual analysis for entry and exit points
  • The tell-tale signals that investor sentiment may soon change
  • How to stop buying at the top and selling at the bottom

Access the Video Below:

If you enjoy this type of education, be sure to check out Steve's 5 - Star Trading Plan ($540 training set) that is available to our patrons for only a $15 processing fee.  In addition to the video downloads you receive, you also receive access to Steve's Candlestick Forum Membership site for 30 days which is a $97 value.