Stop Loss Strategies And Techniques

TradingPub Admin | June 26, 2015

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At the TradingPub we are committed to providing an environment where our members can have access to the industry's top professional traders. And in this regard, we were pleased to have hosted Steve Bigalow for a special live webinar on how to use candlesticks to establish effective stop loss strategies and techniques.

During his presentation, Steve focused on the following key points:

  • How to identify an appropriate stop-loss level
  • Where to establish the logical stop loss level for taking profits
  • When to immediately recognize that a trade is not working
  • Why effective trade management is the key to improved consistency

At the end of his presentation, Steve made a special offer for TradingPub members that would provide free access to his live trading room for one week. This is a terrific way to watch and learn as Steve and his team trade the markets in real time in front of your eyes. To register for this 5-day free trial, simply CLICK HERE!

For your convenience we have placed a recording of Steve's trading education class here: