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Site Administrator | April 6, 2012

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Session 1 - Alan Morrison aka Professor Alan of TraderUSA  on "Blending Indicators for Successful Entries and Exits!"

Description: In most trading platforms, there are hundreds of indicators. But as you'll learn from Alan Morrison, there are only a few that work well for pinpointing winning trades. Not only that, he'll you'll show the level of accuracy that can be achieved using common tools such as Trigger Lines, Fibonacci, Volume, Price Pressure, Pivot Points, Divergence, and MACD’s. To top it off, you'll learn about the proprietary tweaks he's made to Keltner Channels.

Session 1 Recording - Blending Indicators

Session 2 - David Steckler on "Two New Oscillators"

Description: David Steckler will show you two new oscillators: the Volume Zone and Price Zone oscillators. What's so great about them? Recently, the formula for these two oscillators were released in a popular trading magazine and they created quote a buzz. Dave will show you how using these oscillators in tandem provides a new way to find the right time to buy and sell stocks and ETFs.

Session 2 Recording - Two New Oscillators

Session 3 - Neil Yeager of DTI on "Trading the Open"

Description: Some traders are actually finding consistent trading opportunities when the market opens -- Neil Yeager is one of them. Join him as he explains the predicable behaviors of the market that occur as uninformed retail traders react emotionally at the open. Next, he'll show you some of his favorite setups for entering trades with favorable odds. If you hate sitting in front of your screen all day, but like instant gratification, don't miss out on what Neil has to say.

Session 3 Recording - Trading the Open 

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