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Site Administrator | May 25, 2012

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Session 1 - Dan Passarelli of MarketTaker on "How Time Can Be Money in Your Pocket This Summer"

Description: While major surprises can happen, many traders view the summer months as a time of lower volatility and trading ranges. Dan Passarelli is ready for all of it. And he'll get you prepared with his favorite "Time Spread" options strategy. He considers it to be one of the best "low risk" high profit potential strategies to use during the summer. Set it up. Then simply watch. The market can move plenty within a range. When it does, that's very good news for you and your trading account.

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Session 2 - John Paul of Day Trade to Win on "Trading Price Action During the Summer...and Any Market"

Description: The summer can provide exciting pockets of action. The powerful runaway move of August 2011 is one great example of that. Jon Paul will show you how to find good setups regardless of the trading conditions that take hold. You learn a reliable and easy way to pinpoint high-probability trades by watching price action only. If you find that hard to believe, let JP show you how he and other successful traders use a technique called the ABC Method that gives an "early-warning" of new and potentially powerful trends that are forming.

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Session 3 - Jim Kenney of Options Professor on "Favorite Options Strategy for All Time of the Year"

Description: After trading through plenty of summers over his past 30-years of options trading, Jim Kenney will teach you what has worked best and most consistently for him year after year and summer after summer. Learn about Collar Strategies, Writing Options Covered Calls and even Naked Selling. And if you like to buy puts and calls outright, don't miss out on what Jim has to say.

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Session 4 - Bill "The Greek" Costarides on "Powerful Advantages of Trading After Hours That Few Traders Know About"

Description: Bill Costarides has been trading the S&P E-Minis during the After Hours for over 10 years. He'll show you why traders who are frustrated with their performance might see better results trading at night. Join Bill as he shows you how the behavior of the S&P at night is dramatically different and...more predictable. If you have a tough time believing that you could trade successfully at night, Bill may very well change your mind.

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