International Traders Summit [Free Recording]

TradingPub Admin | May 11, 2013

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We have had some pretty awesome classes at the TradingPub over the past two years but this Saturday's Class might have been our BEST CLASS YET!  We had over 5500 people sign up for this class and tons of requests for the recording so we did our best to get them uploaded ASAP for you guys.  We have listed a copy of the recordings below and you can access them by clicking the links:

Tom Busby on the Irrational Exuberance Trade  - ACCESS RECORDING HERE

Hubert Senters on How to Risk $156 to Potentially Make $1,000 - ACCESS RECORDING HERE

Ross Mullins on How to Profit from Breakouts and Reversals - ACCESS RECORDING HERE

Nic Chahine on Trading Stock Options to Create Your Own Dividends - ACCESS RECORDING HERE

TradingPub on Binary Option Strategies - ACCESS RECORDING HERE

In addition to the free class held this Saturday, each of the 4 top traders have agreed to take part in a "Masters Series Class" that will allow for an additional 2 full hours of education with each of the traders (total of 8 hours) as well as a Thursday Night Intro Class before the Big Friday Class with the 4 speakers.


Here is the breakdown on the class:

May 16th Intro Night - Getting Ready for Friday's Big Class by covering into to stocks, options, futures and forex

May 17th:  Masters Sessions:

2 Hours with Tom Busby on "Live DAX Trading & Strategies for the Cash Open"

  • Live Trading with the Dax
  • Setting up the IR Trade
  • Preparing for the Cash Open

2 Hours with Hubert Senters on "Three Markets, Three Strategies: Trades that Pay"

  • Three Favorite Markets with Trade Setups for Each
  • A professional Opinion on Technicals
  • Entry, Exit & Plan for a Winning Trade in all Three Markets

2 Hours with Nic Chahine on "Professional Options Strategies from A to Z"

  • How to create your own dividends even on stocks that DON’T pay any dividends
  • How to protect winning positions for free
  • How to manage losing positions

2 Hours with Dustin Pass and Ross Mullins on "The Forex Rundown for Every Level of Trader"

  • Indicators and Technicals that Pay
  • Principles of Trading Forex
  • Methodology: Barriers and Bumps Strategy

Access our Masters Series Class by clicking the following:  ACCESS MASTERS SERIES HERE