Supply and Demand, Money Management and Globex Trading

Site Administrator | May 4, 2012

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Session 1 - Will Busby of on "A Consistent Method of Using Supply and Demand for Executing Trades"

Description: Will Busby will teach you a unique approach for using price action combined with certain elements to determine key levels of supply & demand, as well as trend which gives defined entry and exits. This is a method he developed over the course of 5 years and now trades it for a living. It's based on cold, hard rules and he will reveal to you the method's basic principles so you can can improve your odds in your own trading.

Session 1 Recording

Session 2 - Bennett McDowell of on "Money Management Formulas"

Description: One of the most gut wrenching emotions a trader faces is, making a lot of money -- and then losing it all back to the market. Bennett McDowell created a system that is designed to help you generated great profits through sound risk control. He will teach you how to: effectively determine the amount of capital to risk and the value of risk-of-ruin tables; select the right trade size; set stops that prevent whip saw madness; and much more.

Session 2 Recording

Session 3 - Bill "The Greek" Costarides of DTI on "Powerful Advantages of Trading After Hours That Few Traders Know About"

Description: Bill Costarides has been trading the S&P E-Minis during the After Hours for over 10 years. He'll show you why traders who are frustrated with their performance might see better results trading at night. Join Bill as he shows you how the behavior of the S&P at night is dramatically different and...more predictable. If you have a tough time believing that you could trade successfully at night, Bill may very well change your mind.

Session 3 Recording 

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