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Guest Post from Mohan

Site Administrator | July 23, 2012

Special thanks to today’s Guest Post from Mohan.  Mohan has been a frequent contributor of the TradingPub and recently hosted a webinar session to our patrons that was very well received. During this session, Mohan covered, “How to Read the Markets Like a Book.”  We were able to capture a recording of this session and […]

How to Read the Market Like a Book with Mohan

Site Administrator | July 20, 2012

We were joined by Mohan from www.daytradersaction.com and about 300 of our closets friends for a special event on How to Read the Market Like a Book.  Mohan covered: Learn the key elements to becoming a winning day trader Why steady gains are better than big, winning trades How to “fix a trade” when things […]

Learning to Think Like the Market with Mohan

Site Administrator | June 20, 2012

The last time Mohan visited the TradingPub he shared 3 Key Ingredients of a Successful Trader.  There was a great crowd for the event but the amount of people who viewed the recording was staggering. In over 100 sessions, this was our 3rd most viewed recording! We are very excited that Mohan returned to the […]

Guest Post from Mohan

Site Administrator | June 11, 2012

Special thanks to Mohan for the following guest post: Many of those who know me understand that I value my reputation in this industry over everything else…except making money trading of course. I have been in this trading industry for over 11 years and right now  I have never seen such an avalance of new […]

3 Key Ingredients

Site Administrator | May 9, 2012

Mohan was kind enough to join our patrons and provide some free education for a second time and there was an excellent response in the room.  Mohan shared with our traders on several different topics but focused primarily on some of the key ingredients necessary for traders.  While direction of the market is extremely important […]

Day Trading Clarity

Site Administrator | May 4, 2012

Special thanks to our next Presenter, Mohan, who is coming by the Pub on Tuesday at 3:30 for the following guest post. To join Mohan at the Pub this Tuesday, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Greetings Traders and welcome! Today I want to touch on the most important subject in trading once you have found a […]

Two Great Educational Sessions!

Site Administrator | April 13, 2012

Session 1: Mohan  20 year trading veteran, editor of the “Daily Directional Forecast” and developer of Boomerang Currency Trader Topic Info:  “The EuroFX (6E) is now the best day trading market with continuous price movement and intraday swings. Learn the tools you will need to trade this specialized market and the specific nuances that occur […]

Mohan’s Boomerang Currency Trader Review

Site Administrator | April 11, 2012

We have always enjoyed working with the folks over at Indicator Warehouse and recently we began discussing hosting an event with Mohan, the creator of the Boomerang Currency System, for an educational event.  We have enjoyed getting to know Mohan and look forward to having him on as part of our Double Header Event this […]