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Key Numbers for the Oil Market

Site Administrator | May 8, 2012

Oil trading and other energy markets have definitely come to life lately as sellers seem to be hitting bids left and right. We have hosted PivotFarm on a few of our educational events over the past several months as their focus is providing market research and Confluence PowerZones for several different futures and currency products. […]

Key Numbers for Crude Oil Futures

Site Administrator | April 11, 2012

Special thanks to this Thursday’s guest, PivotFarm for sharing their premium research for the oil market: Patrons of the TradingPub can receive close to 50% off a PivotFarm subscription at the following link:¬†¬†PivotFarm 7 Day trial PivotFarm is going to be part of a special double header event at the TradingPub this Thursday, to register […]