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Geof Smith on Gold and Silver Markets

TradingPub Admin | October 24, 2012

It seems like these days everyone likes to talk about gold and silver.  A few months ago, Geof Smith shared his outlook on the Gold and Silver markets and we felt like after the recent drop across the board in the metals markets now would be a great time to focus on that again.  Geof […]

Tom Busby, Guy Adami and Barry Burns

TradingPub Admin | October 18, 2012

We had a packed house at this month’s special session of Trader Talk with close to 800 people in attendance!  Tom Busby of DTI, Guy Adami of tradeMONSTER and Dr. Barry Burns of Top Dog Trading shared with us on a variety of market related topics.  We have posted a copy of each recording at […]

A Cup of Joe…

TradingPub Admin | October 12, 2012

A Cup of Joe is Getting Cheaper Geoffrey A. Smith Java, a cup of Joe, coffee. Many enjoy the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Coffee is one commodity that does not lose demand as prices move high, nor gain demand as prices move lower. People are willing to spend money for their morning […]

A Great Primer for Options Trading

TradingPub Admin | September 5, 2012

Over the past year we have hosted all kinds of events on options trading.  Most of the events focused on trade analysis, particular option strategies but we have never really hosted one that covered the fundamentals of options and helped answer the basic question of why or how to trade options. We kicked off September […]

Thursday Session with 5 Speakers!

TradingPub Admin | August 31, 2012

Session 1 – Dan Passarelli of MarketTaker on “The Ultimate Credit Spread Set Up” Credit spreads can be high probability trades. But sometimes that means the risk-reward is compromised. If not set up properly, the advantages of a credit spread can turn to disadvantages. Traders need to set up credit spreads correctly, right from the […]

Two Hours – Four Strategies on Trading

Site Administrator | June 25, 2012

Session 1 – Efrem Hoffman of NakedSwanTrading.com on “Identifying Critical Risk Windows” Description: Efrem specializes in identifying “critical risk windows” where markets have a high probability for reversals. His unique tools are designed to see what the crowd cannot see. Join Efrem as he explains how global markets are now setting up an asymmetrical tail-risk […]

Trading Strategies Times 3

Site Administrator | June 1, 2012

Session 1 – Price Headley of Big Trends on “May Recap + June Outlook for Stocks and Options” Price Headley guides you through the big trends in these volatile markets and what June is likely to hold after a rocky May. Price examines technical trends on the major stock market averages, plus several of his […]

Occupy Futures Event – Possibly the Best Ever

Site Administrator | May 14, 2012

First of all, thank you very much to all of our great speakers who took the time to share about the markets, trading strategies and much much more with our patrons this past Saturday. This was our third “Occupy Futures” event and in our opinion it was quite possibly the best event we have ever […]

Occupy Futures Half Day Trading Class

Site Administrator | February 6, 2012

First of all, I would like to thank all of the great folks from around the world that tuned in for Saturday’s half day class!  We had just about every continent covered and the most exciting thing is that we had a solid 700 patrons that were tuned in for almost all of the session!  […]

Overcoming Struggles in Trading

Site Administrator | January 20, 2012

Trader Talk 1.20.2012 Michael Lydick  – www.backtothefuturetrading.com John Forman – www.theessentialsoftrading.com Geof Smith – www.dtitrader.com How did you get your start in the markets? John – I go back a ways, I’ve been around for a while.  I got started after the crash in 1987.  The crash really sparked my interest.  There was something interesting […]