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Best Time to Trade Currencies

TradingPub Admin | January 12, 2016

Ricardo Menjivar, founder and CEO of Phoenix Trading Strategies, demonstrates how he can use order flow to help him decode the market maker’s footprint to trade the Forex market more consistently. WATCH FULL TRADING EDUCATION FROM RICARDO HERE:

Live Forex Trading Strategy

TradingPub Admin | December 29, 2015

Ricardo Menjivar, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Trading Strategies, trades live in the Forex market in his Phoenix room. See the video below to learn some of the methods and techniques used by Ricardo to capture a great return. WATCH THE FULL EDUCATION VIDEO HERE:

How And When to Exit A Forex Trade

TradingPub Admin | November 6, 2015

The biggest problem most traders have is knowing when to exit their trades. This video by  Kirk Norwood, of Forex Strategy Secrets, should shed so light on how to increase your profits with the same amount of effort. See the full trading education video here: Cheers, The TradingPub Team

Decoding Market Makers’ Order Flow Footprint

TradingPub Admin | November 6, 2015

Ricardo Menjivar or Phoenix Trading Strategies shares more on how you can decode market makers’ order flow footprint with his indicator suite. See his full trading education video here: Cheers, The Trading Pub Team

5 Trading Experts Focus On Their Favorite Markets

TradingPub Admin | October 2, 2015

Our main focus at the TradingPub is to connect you with trading experts and educators, so that you can learn from their experience, knowledge and market perspective. Yesterday’s live webinar event yesterday delivered on that promise, as we hosted five industry pros who answered your questions on trading Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, and Nadex binary options. Here are the […]

The Final Frontier in Forex Order Flow Trading Using Volume Price Analysis

TradingPub Admin | August 18, 2015

In this video Ricardo Menjivar, founder and CEO of Phoenix Trading Strategies, shares more on using volume and price analysis for Forex Order Flow trading. See the dull class below. SEE FULL TRADING EDUCATION VIDEO HERE: Sign up for a FREE trial to the Phoenix Trading Strategies’ trade room- SIMPLY CLICK HERE

December’s Trade-A-Thon – The Gift of Free Trading Education

TradingPub Admin | December 12, 2014

At the Trading Pub we serve as an environment that connects successful professional traders with retail traders like you.  The trading education provided by these pros will hopefully help you to build a more solid foundation that may improve your trading consistency and confidence. That is why we started our Trade-A-Thons. We wanted an event where trading experts presented back-to-back sessions, all […]

Another Day of Trading Education Goes in The Books

TradingPub Admin | November 14, 2014

We want to start by saying  thank you for stopping by to see our November edition of the Trade-A-Thon. Hundreds of you joined us in the Trading Pub room to share in some awesome trading education. As always, the goal of these trading marathons is to give you access to top professionals and give you an opportunity to pick up […]

How to Read High Probability Candlestick Patterns

TradingPub Admin | November 7, 2014

Today’s event with Andrew Keene was a great success with nearly 600 of you stopping by to listen in on some great trading education. Andrew has been a floor trader on the CBOE for more than 10 years and is also known among his peers as the “Tiger Woods and Phil Jackson” of trading. He […]

3 Trading Sprint Techniques

TradingPub Admin | August 27, 2014

We are happy to share that our August Trading Sprint was a success with hundreds of traders stopping by and picking up some new ideas they can use in their trading activities right away!  Here are 3 Trading Techniques that you can review ON DEMAND!  We have listed a copy of the recordings from each speaker, […]

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