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Live Forex Trading Strategy

TradingPub Admin | December 29, 2015

Ricardo Menjivar, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Trading Strategies, trades live in the Forex market in his Phoenix room. See the video below to learn some of the methods and techniques used by Ricardo to capture a great return. WATCH THE FULL EDUCATION VIDEO HERE:

Decoding the Market Makers’ Volume

TradingPub Admin | December 29, 2015

Ricardo Menjivar, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Trading Strategies, demonstrates how he decodes the market maker’s volume to find trades with high probability for success. WATCH THE FULL TRADING EDUCATION VIDEO HERE:

Decoding Market Makers’ Order Flow Footprint

TradingPub Admin | November 6, 2015

Ricardo Menjivar or Phoenix Trading Strategies shares more on how you can decode market makers’ order flow footprint with his indicator suite. See his full trading education video here: Cheers, The Trading Pub Team

Navigating the Markets with Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics

TradingPub Admin | July 31, 2015

Our primary goal at the Trading Pub is to connect you with some of the top trading experts in the financial industry, so that you can learn from their considerable experience, knowledge and market perspective. And, yesterday’s special guest did not fall short of meeting this objective.  Jody Samuels, CEO and founder of FX Traders EDGE, shared insights and […]

Trading Education For Every Market Under The Sun

TradingPub Admin | October 10, 2014

The concept behind the TradingPub is simple. We serve as an environment that connects successful professional traders with retail traders like you.  The trading education provided by these pros will hopefully help you to build a more solid foundation that may improve your trading consistency and confidence. That is why we started our Trade-A-Thons. We wanted an event where trading […]

3 New Ideas for Trading the Markets

TradingPub Admin | October 1, 2014

The process of becoming a more consistent and confident trader requires investing first and foremost in your trading education. That’s why we at the TradingPub are committed to connecting you to professional traders who can help you take a step closer towards becoming the trader you want top be. The September edition of the TradingPub Trading Sprint did not […]

3 Trading Sprint Techniques

TradingPub Admin | August 27, 2014

We are happy to share that our August Trading Sprint was a success with hundreds of traders stopping by and picking up some new ideas they can use in their trading activities right away!  Here are 3 Trading Techniques that you can review ON DEMAND!  We have listed a copy of the recordings from each speaker, […]

Pending Order Trading Strategy for Forex

TradingPub Admin | May 20, 2014

Here at the TradingPub we are determined to share some great trading education and give you, our devoted follower, the opportunity to potentially benefit from some of those strategies. One of the great features of the strategy we are about to share is the risk to reward ratio and how it is used for determining potential trades. […]

Three Trading Strategies Plus Indicator Download

TradingPub Admin | December 4, 2012

We are not sure if you have heard of a “Price Flip” before, but the video below outlines that along with two other strategies that can be used in any market. The three strategies covered are: 1.) Price Flip Strategy- Detecting Critical Market Reversal Points Indicating Momentum Exhaustion Levels and Probable Price Flips 2.) Macro […]

Absolutely Amazing Event!

Site Administrator | April 20, 2012

We have had several different trader talk style events over the past 10 months but never one quite like this one. We were joined by three outstanding traders who shared on everything from trading index futures, soybeans, crude oil, AAPL, FIRE, DLTR, Level 2 and 3 trading and also keys to understanding the forex market. […]