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Best Class Ever???

TradingPub Admin | February 11, 2013

This Saturday was a record setting class for us at the TradingPub!  We had over 2070 people tune in throughout the event.  We might have to rename the Half Day Class to the Full Day Class because we did not wrap things up until around 3:00 pm!  We are so very appreciative to all of […]

A Great Primer for Options Trading

TradingPub Admin | September 5, 2012

Over the past year we have hosted all kinds of events on options trading.  Most of the events focused on trade analysis, particular option strategies but we have never really hosted one that covered the fundamentals of options and helped answer the basic question of why or how to trade options. We kicked off September […]

Frank Stanley, Ron Haydt and Tony BATtista

Site Administrator | June 9, 2012

Frank Stanley, Ron Haydt and Tony Battista… need we say more. This was an outstanding event featuring three outstanding options traders who shared on a variety of topics from Options Trades for Insane Markets, Trading the Economic Crisis the Next 5 Years and Good Trade/Bad Trade. We would especially like to thank the North American […]

Occupy Options Event a Huge Success!

Site Administrator | December 21, 2011

We had an outstanding turnout as options traders from across the globe occupied the TradingPub this Tuesday afternoon.  We had three outstanding guests share a TON of information on trading options.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced options trader, there is education from this session that everyone can benefit from.  We would especially like […]

ETFs, Level II and Options Strategies!

Site Administrator | December 2, 2011

We were joined this week by three outstanding guests on Trader Talk.  Fausto Pugliese of CyberTraderUniversity.com, John Nyaradi of WallStreetSectorSelector.com and Frank Stanley of DTITrader.com took the time to stop by the pub and share some solid education with our patrons.  We unfortunately had an issue with the recording but are working with the software […]