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30 Trading Insights to Help You Overcome Your Trading Fears

TradingPub Admin | November 5, 2014

Tom Busby of DTI shares ” 30 Trading Insights to Help You Overcome Your Trading Fears” that he has observed over the years of his long and successful trading career. SEE FULL TRADING EDUCATION VIDEO WITH TOM HERE:

Using Order Flow for Confirmation

Site Administrator | June 27, 2012

We have had some very interesting presentations over the past year at the TradingPub but our presentation yesterday on Electronic Order Flow was extremely interesting.  Aamar from TickStrike taught us about how listening to the order flow of the market can help provide confirmation for breakouts and breakdowns in the market.  We had several attendees […]

Market Insights from our Next Guest

Site Administrator | January 2, 2012

We are extremely excited to announce that beginning this year, Tony LaPorta will be an official TradingPub Commentator and is joining the team to share outstanding education with our patrons as he draws from over 30 years experience in the markets from the trading floor to the PC.  To join Tony for an in depth […]

This Week’s Commentary – From a 30 Year Veteran

Site Administrator | December 19, 2011

We received excellent feedback on our special guest post from last week and Tony was kind enough to agree to post his commentary for this week as well as a few of the key charts he is watching.  Enjoy the below courtesy of Tony LaPorta and the TradingPub! 12-19-11 Ladies and Gents: The currencies roll […]

A Truly Golden Session!

Site Administrator | November 11, 2011

We received what might have been the best feedback from any event we have done up to this point.  Professional Trader, Geof Smith, shared his current thoughts on the gold and silver markets along with his forecast for 2012.  Geof shared actions from several different central banks that could have major implications to the gold […]

Fire of Fear Spreads

Site Administrator | November 10, 2011

Yesterday was officially Italian day in the global markets as credit fears spread from Greece over to Italy.  As Italian bond yields surged the overall markets dropped as fear and selling went hand in hand and the markets dropped sharply.  We point out a very helpful piece of advice for traders this morning which is […]

The Greek on Greece

Site Administrator | November 9, 2011

We were joined by a veteran trader and good friend of ours, Bill Costarides, to share some of his thoughts following the steep decline in the markets today. Bill is the head of International markets and trading during the Globex session for DTI and also runs a service providing trading commentary on the overnight futures […]

Trader Talk on Options and Futures

Site Administrator | November 4, 2011

Trader Talk – 11/3/2011 Jared Levy –jaredalevy.com Michael Thomsett –michaelthomsett.com Bill Costarides –dtitrader.com How long did it take you to find a trading method that worked consistently for you? Jared – Being a market maker is a whole different ordeal, when I left the floor in the early 2000s, it became a different fight.  I […]

More Expensive Hot Chocolate?

Site Administrator | November 1, 2011

Just as the weather starts to cool off, it looks like we might have a rally forming in Cocoa.  Cocoa prices have been under pressure since March after posting contract highs around 3600.  Year-to-date, Cocoa is down approximately -14% and down nearly -13% for the quarter.  The only other commodity in the softs complex with […]

MF Global News Shocks Traders

Site Administrator | October 31, 2011

The big news in the markets this morning involves MF Global and their bankruptcy filing.  We have seen many traders scramble to find a way to either initiate new trades in their accounts or close out positions.  That prompted our Rule of the Day which is to always have a backup account.  As far as […]

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