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Geof Smith on Gold and Silver Markets

TradingPub Admin | October 24, 2012

It seems like these days everyone likes to talk about gold and silver.  A few months ago, Geof Smith shared his outlook on the Gold and Silver markets and we felt like after the recent drop across the board in the metals markets now would be a great time to focus on that again.  Geof […]

A Cup of Joe…

TradingPub Admin | October 12, 2012

A Cup of Joe is Getting Cheaper Geoffrey A. Smith Java, a cup of Joe, coffee. Many enjoy the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Coffee is one commodity that does not lose demand as prices move high, nor gain demand as prices move lower. People are willing to spend money for their morning […]


TradingPub Admin | August 27, 2012

Cattle Takes a Breather Geoffrey A. Smith  At the beginning of August I wrote about the possible rise in live cattle.  Cattle had risen above 121.00 and was currently trading around 125.00 with the expectation of heading to the 131.00 area as long as it stayed above 121.00.  Since that time, live cattle went to […]

Tape Reading and Key Zones – sponsored by NADEX

Site Administrator | May 25, 2012

Trading is like a long journey and the deeper you get into it, the more and more you learn along the way.  Think back to the time when you just started trading… Ok, now think about what you know now versus what you knew then and you will probably be amazed.  What strategies have you […]

Trader Talk Spans the Globe!

Site Administrator | March 30, 2012

We were joined by three outstanding traders that shared with us everything from using range bar charts, MACD, trading the dax and systems trading. Session 1:  Mark Hodge of Rockwell Trading: After stints with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and American Express Financial Advisors, Mark discovered that his real passion was trading. With a trading and […]

Overcoming Struggles in Trading

Site Administrator | January 20, 2012

Trader Talk 1.20.2012 Michael Lydick  – www.backtothefuturetrading.com John Forman – www.theessentialsoftrading.com Geof Smith – www.dtitrader.com How did you get your start in the markets? John – I go back a ways, I’ve been around for a while.  I got started after the crash in 1987.  The crash really sparked my interest.  There was something interesting […]

Trader Talk Kicks off the Year Right

Site Administrator | January 7, 2012

Trader Talk 1.5.12 David Taggart Michael Dever Geof Smith How did you get your start in the markets? David – I’m 4th generation financial services in my family.  I am not doing much of what my grandfather and great grandfather did.  I became a broker back in 2000, I’m now a registered investment advisor.  I’ve […]

Technical Analysis, Futures and Gold…

Site Administrator | December 23, 2011

Trader Talk 12/22/2011 Brian Shannon – AlphaTrends Barbara Cohen – ShadowTraders Geof Smith – DTITrader How did you get your start in the markets? Barbara – I started about 12 years ago as a computer programmer Brian – I got started right out of college as a retail stock broker.  I was attracted to trading […]