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Trader Talk Session with Larry Gaines and Illya Busigin

Site Administrator | May 17, 2012

Session 1: Larry Gaines of OptionOnTheOpen.com on “A Proven Trading System for Greater Returns With Less Risk” Description: A 30-year veteran market professional, Larry Gaines has developed trading model that incorporates 5 market time frames. He will show you how the accuracy of this price cycle system can be applied to trading Weekly Options for […]

April 17 Strategy Summit

Site Administrator | April 18, 2012

This Tuesday’s strategy summit featured 1:30 – 2:00 pm/CT – Michael Shulman of Traders Reserve on “Selling Weekly Options” Description: Learn Michael’s strategy for trading weekly options. While many traders are making riskier bets, he’ll show you how investors looking for yield and income can use weekly options to actually take on less risk. Michael […]

Excellent Trader Talk Session!

Site Administrator | February 2, 2012

Trader Talk 2.2.12 A.J. Brown – tradingtrainer.com Martin Rimes – hithtemarktrading.com Illya Busigin – dtic.dtitrader.com Tell us a little about your trading strategy and why you have chosen to focus on that particular method? AJ – I trade equity options, because of their flexibility.  A lot of people have a mis conception that options are […]