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Order Flow Edge – Thomas DeLello

TradingPub Admin | March 27, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice to have tomorrow’s newspaper today?  You could use it for things like saving lives, averting disaster or possibly even to make money (remember that show Early Edition…) Even though we have some pretty good industry connections, we have not quite been able to get our hands on “tomorrow’s newspaper.”  If we […]

Special Doubleheader Event with Thomas DeLello and Adrienne Toghraie

TradingPub Admin | February 27, 2013

We are so thankful that Thomas DeLello and Adrienne Toghraie took time out of their day to share some outstanding free trading education with our patrons!  Thomas led off the doubleheader by teaching traders about using Order Flow in the Markets.  Adrienne then shared about the evolution of a trader and the many psychological hurdles […]

Thomas DeLello on Order Flow Edge

TradingPub Admin | November 10, 2012

We are very appreciate of Thomas and Casey from Order Flow Edge for taking time this week to share some good old fashion education at the Pub!  During this session, Thomas covered: – How the market is truly structured through Supply and Demand – How to identify key ares of Supply and Demand imbalance… where […]

Greg Lee Stops by the Pub and Dishes on Market Profile

TradingPub Admin | October 12, 2012

Whether you are trading stocks, futures, options or baseball cards, pricing always comes down to supply and demand. If there is too much supply and too little demand, value tends to drop. This is the basis of trading using auction market theory and market profile. Before you begin to trade using market profile, it is […]

Market Profile and Auction Market Theory

Site Administrator | August 10, 2012

Greg Lee of eminitradingschool.com joined us this week to cover the eight different types of Market Profile days as well as a review of his charting setup. Before you begin to trade using the auction market theory and market profile, it is important to clearly understand the various day types and traders can potentially expect […]

Greg Lee and NinjaTrader Do Not Disappoint!

Site Administrator | July 5, 2012

Last Thursday we were joined by Greg Lee from www.eminitradingschool.com and Ray Stein of www.ninjatrader.com.  During the session, Greg was kind enough to offer a FREE demo of his TPO indicator for NinjaTrader.  You can download this indicator at the following link: TPO Indicator During the presentation, the following topics were covered:  Non-Trend Day  Normal Day […]

Occupy Futures Recording – Part Deux

Site Administrator | March 5, 2012

The Occupy Futures events are quickly becoming our favorite event of the month!  We have received great feedback from the event and greatly appreciate our sponsors, Capital Trading Group, NinjaTrader and Kinetick for helping us host such an exciting half day trading class at the TradingPub!  We would also like to thank Pat Lafferty, Tony […]

The Process of Becoming a Trader – Part 1 and 2 of 7

Site Administrator | March 1, 2012

Special thanks to Greg Lee of EminiTradingschool.com for posting a special guest post as a series of “The Process of Becoming a Trader.”   Greg will be joining us for a free event this Thursday – JOIN HERE The Process Of Becoming A Trader  Part 1 of 7 (a/k/a….Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt) […]