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Trade the Open Recording

TradingPub Admin | December 12, 2012

We hope that you had the opportunity to attend Neil’s session on How to Trade the Open yesterday!  There was an outstanding group of traders in the room and lots of great interaction!  We have posted a copy of the recording below which features DTI Head Trader Neil Yeager covering the following: How to Trade […]

Strategy Summit Recording

TradingPub Admin | December 7, 2012

This week’s Strategy summit featured 6 different traders who each took 30 minutes to share some free trading education and strategies in the market. Session 1:  Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher on “Alternative Buying Techniques: Session 2: Neil Yeager of DTI on “2 Strategies to Trade the Open” Session 3: John Netto of The Protean […]

Speed Trading – From 1 Week to 1 Minute-

TradingPub Admin | November 29, 2012

This month’s edition of Trader Talk involved three speakers that focused on short term trading techniques that range from a matter of minutes to a few days.  We are very thankful to Neil Yeager of DTI, Kirt Christensen of Trading Science and Chuck Hughes of TradeWins Publishing for taking time out of their trading day […]

Trading the Open – Sponsored by Nadex

TradingPub Admin | August 27, 2012

Special thanks to the North American Derivatives Exchange for sponsoring today’s Live Market Session!  We love free trading education as much as you guys and we are thankful for the North American Derivatives Exchange and their continued support for of free educational events for active retail traders.  In fact, they are an exchanged specifically for […]

Occupy Futures Event – Possibly the Best Ever

Site Administrator | May 14, 2012

First of all, thank you very much to all of our great speakers who took the time to share about the markets, trading strategies and much much more with our patrons this past Saturday. This was our third “Occupy Futures” event and in our opinion it was quite possibly the best event we have ever […]

Blown Away by This One!

Site Administrator | May 11, 2012

We are always pretty optimistic about the events we host but it is always good to ask the people who matter (you) what your thoughts are on the events. We had an outstanding crowd yesterday which was one of our largest events of all time as we were joined by three outstanding traders for a […]

Starting the Week the Right Way!

Site Administrator | April 10, 2012

Based on today’s market reaction with the Dow reaching the -200 point earlier in the day, we could not have picked a better day to have someone speak on the topic of “Short Selling Theory and Practice” and share ways to take advantage of down markets.  Our first speakers did an excellent job sharing how […]

Occupy Futures Half Day Trading Class

Site Administrator | February 6, 2012

First of all, I would like to thank all of the great folks from around the world that tuned in for Saturday’s half day class!  We had just about every continent covered and the most exciting thing is that we had a solid 700 patrons that were tuned in for almost all of the session!  […]

A Great Event to End the Year

Site Administrator | December 30, 2011

This has been an extremely exciting year for TradingPub as we launched in July of 2011 and since then have reached traders from almost every continent providing quality education from top traders around the globe.  It has been fun to watch our trading community grow and we are looking forward to a big 2012!  We […]

Trading Advice from Experienced Traders!

Site Administrator | November 10, 2011

Trader Talk – November 10, 2011 Ron Lang – MajesticTrader.com Tom Willard – RevolutionaryTrading.com Neil Yeager – DTITrader.com How long did it take you to find a trading method that worked consistently for you? Ron – 6 to 12 months to feel comfortable with a few strategies.  The biggest hurdle is dealing with the headline […]