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Enhance Your Potential With The NinjaTrader Ecosystem

TradingPub Admin | July 17, 2015

At the TradingPub we focus on connecting top experts from the financial industry with traders and investors, like you, who are trying to become more confident and consistent in your trading. We believe that the information shared during our live Trade-A-Thon webinars is unsurpassed, and the new ideas presented will help you all get a step closer […]

Guest Post from Shark Indicators

TradingPub Admin | January 29, 2013

Have you ever wondered what is looks like to actually build a trading system?  TradingPub Commentator, Zac White, of Shark Indicators take the tme to walk through this process.  We hope you enjoy the following guest post: In this video, we are going to build upon a system that we showcased in an earlier webinar, […]

Profits, Trends and Correlated Markets… What Else is There?

TradingPub Admin | November 30, 2012

We had an outstanding session this week with Adam Halpern and Stephanie Thomas from Indicator Warehouse!  Stephanie educated our Patrons on the following: • Exploit correlated markets for deeper insight into each respective instrument • Trade using 3 distinctly different trading styles… all at the same time! • Use the Trend as your Friend… but, […]

Building a Financial Blueprint

TradingPub Admin | September 24, 2012

One of our favorite events of the month is the monthly Trader Talk events featuring three top traders in the industry.  This month’s event was outstanding as we had close to 800 active traders logged in to learn from Tom Busby of DTI, Mark Soberman of NetPicks and Jeff Swasby of Ninjicators!  We had several […]

Greg Lee and NinjaTrader Do Not Disappoint!

Site Administrator | July 5, 2012

Last Thursday we were joined by Greg Lee from www.eminitradingschool.com and Ray Stein of www.ninjatrader.com.  During the session, Greg was kind enough to offer a FREE demo of his TPO indicator for NinjaTrader.  You can download this indicator at the following link: TPO Indicator During the presentation, the following topics were covered:  Non-Trend Day  Normal Day […]

Occupy Futures Half Day Trading Class

Site Administrator | February 6, 2012

First of all, I would like to thank all of the great folks from around the world that tuned in for Saturday’s half day class!  We had just about every continent covered and the most exciting thing is that we had a solid 700 patrons that were tuned in for almost all of the session!  […]

Keys to Successful Trading and Learning from Losses

Site Administrator | December 16, 2011

It is easy to find a trader that is willing to share about good trades or times they called the market perfectly.  It is rare when traders are willing to share about mistakes that can be made as well as ways to avoid those mistakes in the future. We had three outstanding guests cover a […]