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Larry Gaines = Awesome

TradingPub Admin | November 16, 2012

Larry Gaines joined us this week to share his strategies on Trend Trading with futures and weekly options.  During this session, Larry covered: • Benefits of Day Trading WEEKLY Options • Power of WEEKLY Options ~ Leverage at a Low Cost • A Dynamic Price Cycle Timing Model for Day Trading WEEKLY Options • Hidden […]

Larry Gaines Educates on Price Cycles and Breakouts

TradingPub Admin | August 29, 2012

Special thanks to Larry Gaines of www.optionsontheopen.com for stopping by the Pub this week to share about the following: Learn about a swing trading and day trading system that identifies price cycle lows and highs Learn a simple use Momentum Breakout Strategy Learn the benefits of using Futures and Weekly options for swing trades and […]