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Trading on the Edge – Guest Post by Adrienne Toghraie

TradingPub Admin | August 27, 2012

Special thanks to TradingPub Commentator, Adrienne Toghraie of www.TradingOnTarget.com, for the following guest post! Most everyone who has a passion for trading would like to experience exceptional results consistently. Very few, however, will do what is necessary to reach this level of success. Excellence requires a high level of trust in a strategy and in […]

Your Story – Your Reality

Site Administrator | June 27, 2012

Special thanks to Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target for the following guest post! The story you tell to yourself and others about why you are not as successful as you should be becomes your reality when it becomes part of your mantra. When you talk about why trading is not profitable followed by viable […]

Empowerment for Traders

Site Administrator | June 11, 2012

Special thanks to Adrienne Toghraie from Trading On Target for the following guest post: At any time a trader has the choice to empower himself. Of course, the opposite is also true. One of the many reasons traders do not succeed is because they choose disempowerment in the way they behave in the markets. So […]

Breakthroughs for Traders

Site Administrator | April 24, 2012

We would like to thank Adrienne Toghraie, Trader’s Success Coach, from Trading On Target for the following guest post! There are several reasons that traders do not seek to improve their psychology. One of those reasons is that they do not believe that they can change. In the 22 years that I have been working […]

April 12 Strategy Summit

Site Administrator | April 13, 2012

Here is a recap and recording from our Strategy Session on Thursday: Session 1 – Benjamin Lee of InvestToSuccess on “Affluence AdvantageEDGE: How to Unleash the Millionaire Trader Within You” Description: Consistently profitable traders recognize the importance of trading psychology to their profitability. Benjamin will show you how to create an implement a “Daily Routine” […]

Wednesday Night Trading Class!

Site Administrator | February 16, 2012

We kicked off our first Wednesday Night Trading Class and had an excellent group of traders join us from across the globe to learn about trading in the market.  Virgil Kapp kicked off the event and shared his strategies involving seasonal trends in stocks and finding which times throughout the year are best to be […]

Psychology of Trading with Denise Shull

Site Administrator | February 10, 2012

Trader Talk – February 10, 2012 Denise Shull – www.traderpsyches.com Chuck Crow – www.dtitrader.com Denise – How did you get your start in the market? I was innocently studying the neuro-science of emotions and the unconscious at the University of Chicago when friends of mine who were floor traders, convinced me to help them keep […]

Overcoming Struggles in Trading

Site Administrator | January 20, 2012

Trader Talk 1.20.2012 Michael Lydick  – www.backtothefuturetrading.com John Forman – www.theessentialsoftrading.com Geof Smith – www.dtitrader.com How did you get your start in the markets? John – I go back a ways, I’ve been around for a while.  I got started after the crash in 1987.  The crash really sparked my interest.  There was something interesting […]