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Thursday Strategy Session

TradingPub Admin | August 17, 2012

We had a great crowd for a marathon strategy session that covered everything from ETFs, Forex Trading and Binary Options.  We have posted a copy of the recordings for each session below: 11:00 AM/CT to 11:30 AM/CT – John Nyaradi of WallStreetSectorSelector.com on “How To Exploit The Stunning Power of ETFs to Power Your Portfolio.” […]

Roger Felton Stops by the Pub

Site Administrator | July 12, 2012

Roger Felton stopped by the TradingPub yesterday and spent some time covering how to get back on track and improve your trader.  As a systems developer it was very interesting to learn how he goes about trading the markets and focusing on hitting certain goals.  In addition to this, Roger offered a free trial to […]

Good Chart Selection by Roger Felton

Site Administrator | July 10, 2012

Special thanks to this Wednesday’s Guest Speaker, Roger Felton of Felton Trading, for providing today’s guest post.  Be sure to join Roger and learn how to get your trading back on track.  You can REGISTER HERE. As a Method Developer, my goal has been to create market entries that enable traders to find profitable opportunities […]

April 30 Strategy Summit

Site Administrator | May 4, 2012

Roger Felton of Felton Trading on “Why Most Systems Flop – How to Keep Yours Robust and On Target” Description: Roger Felton, President of Felton Trading and well known system developer, will be explaining the reasons most trading systems fail to deliver. Whether it’s a system you purchased or something you built from scratch, there […]

March Strategy Summit!

Site Administrator | March 14, 2012

We’ve invited four superb traders to share their valuable knowledge with you. This TradingPub event consisted of the following: 3:00 – 3:30 PM CT – Tony Peterson of The Intentional Trader on “Removing the Roadblocks to Trading Success” Description: Just about every trader has faulty assumptions about the trading business that keep them from reaching […]