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The Paradox of a “Winning Attitude”

TradingPub Admin | February 13, 2014

By Kenneth Reid, Ph.D. Daytradingpsychology.com You may have been advised to approach trading like a business, but for active traders, trading is more like a sport. Putting on a trade is like running a play in football… or playing out a point in tennis (my sport). There’s the drama of the game, a winner and […]

Methods of Entry and Exit

Site Administrator | March 22, 2012

Trader Talk 3/22/2012 Efrem Hoffman – www.nakedswantrading.com Jim McQuarrie – www.strategicdaytrading.com Chuck Crow – www.dtitrader.com Tell us a little about your trading strategy and how long it took you to find a consistent method? Jim – I’ve been doing this for about 18 years and my start came from the options market.  I made a […]