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Guest Post from a Shark Indicators User

TradingPub Admin | May 4, 2013

We are very thankful for the educational contributions from our friends over at Shark Indicators.  They have been a great provider of both written, live and video content over the past several months!  We received the following post that is a bit unique in a sense that it was actually written by one of their […]

Robotic Trading for the Retail Trader

TradingPub Admin | March 29, 2013

Have you ever lost money because of the fact that you let your emotions take control and strayed from the plan?  We can confidently say that it has happened to us more times than we would like to admit.  Trading is a tough business and it seems with the algorithms and high frequency bots that is has […]

Building a Trading System

TradingPub Admin | March 15, 2013

Special thanks to our friends at SharkIndicators.com for the following guest post on trading systems! From Scratch, Step by Step Trading successfully often means counteracting your natural psychological tendencies to react to fear and greed. You have probably heard many times that successful traders use a systematic approach to trading.  That is establishing strict criteria […]

Changing It Up!

TradingPub Admin | February 5, 2013

Thanks to our friends from Shark Indicators – www.SharkIndicators.com for the following guest post: What to look out for when tweaking your trade system: Last week we covered the how to use a the NinjaTrader Strategy analyzer to backtest a simple classic daily signal composed of the MACD, Stochastic and simple moving averages. This week […]

Trading, Trading and More Trading!

Site Administrator | March 17, 2012

Trader Talk 3.16.12 Randy Sarrow – www.bluewavetrading.com Mark – www.ezprotrading.com Steve Thompson – www.dtitrader.com Tell us a little about your trading strategy and why you have chosen to focus on that particular method? Randy – I started trading like everyone else, a long time ago, via discretion.  I had very mixed results for quite a […]

Trader Talk – Systems and Technical Trading

Site Administrator | December 16, 2011

Trader Talk 12/15/2011 Michael Westmoreland – thetradersplaybook.com Jerry Simmons – advancedtradingworkshop.com How did you get your start in the markets? Mike – I came into the markets in 1990.  A friend of mine was already in Chicago and called and invited me to come trade Bonds in Chicago.  From there, I moved through the bond […]