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Eight Causes for Concern

Site Administrator | April 16, 2012

Please see the commentary below as a guest post from TradingPub Contributor and fan favorite, Tony LaPorta.   04-16-12 Ladies and Gents: There are quite a few indicators telling me it is about to get ugly out there. 1. The Dollar refuses to come off. Someone knows more than we do and has been buying […]

A Positive January

Site Administrator | February 1, 2012

We have a special guest post from Darrell Jones, CFA on a Golden Cross setup in the market: February 1, 2012 A Positive January January closed yesterday and the S&P 500 (SPX) recorded a gain of 4.4% for the month. There is an old adage on Wall Street that “so goes January, goes the year.”  […]

Updated Charts of the Week

Site Administrator | January 18, 2012

At the halfway point in the week it is good to take a look at the markets and determine important areas of support and resistance. For those of you that attended our event last week with TradingPub Commentator, Tony LaPorta, you know that Tony mentioned his trade of the year being long the 10 year […]

Trading the T-Line

Site Administrator | January 17, 2012

We were joined by Rick Saddler of HitandRunCandlesticks.com for a special presentation on learning to trade the T-Line.  During this presentation, Rick covered: Trading the T-Line; simple and easy to understand, yet when properly combined with other technical indicators allows you to successfully trade in all time frames. Price direction can be measured with preset […]

Technical Analysis, Futures and Gold…

Site Administrator | December 23, 2011

Trader Talk 12/22/2011 Brian Shannon – AlphaTrends Barbara Cohen – ShadowTraders Geof Smith – DTITrader How did you get your start in the markets? Barbara – I started about 12 years ago as a computer programmer Brian – I got started right out of college as a retail stock broker.  I was attracted to trading […]

Three Charts and Views from a 30 + Year Veteran!

Site Administrator | December 14, 2011

As you know the mission of TradingPub is to bring top traders together to share from their knowledge on the market.  Every once in a while, we come across traders that we feel are extremely talented and impressed by them.  This week’s guest definitely fits in that category.  After following this 30 + year veteran […]