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Psychology, Repetive Patterns and Binary Options

Site Administrator | June 9, 2012

Session 1: Bennett McDowell of TradersCoach.com on “How to Make Your Mind Work for You and Not Against You” Description: Learn Bennett’s favorite techniques for eliminating the fears that cloud your judgment. Apply his mental strategies and you’ll make decisions based on reality, and not the delusions that cause most traders to do the exact […]

Supply and Demand, Money Management and Globex Trading

Site Administrator | May 4, 2012

Session 1 – Will Busby of PurefinancialAcademy.com on “A Consistent Method of Using Supply and Demand for Executing Trades” Description: Will Busby will teach you a unique approach for using price action combined with certain elements to determine key levels of supply & demand, as well as trend which gives defined entry and exits. This […]

Bennett McDowell Comes to the TradingPub!

Site Administrator | December 23, 2011

We were joined this week by Bennett McDowell, founder of TradersCoach.com®, for an informative session where he shared how to survive and prosper in today’s markets.  We received overwhelmingly positive feedback following the event and Bennett and Jean were kind enough to give away several great prizes to some of the attendees throughout the session. […]