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Site Administrator | May 25, 2012

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Trading is like a long journey and the deeper you get into it, the more and more you learn along the way.  Think back to the time when you just started trading... Ok, now think about what you know now versus what you knew then and you will probably be amazed.  What strategies have you learned, what mistakes have you made, what struggles have you overcome, what new contracts and markets have you learned about?   One of the things that we love about the market is that it is always evolving and with that new opportunities present themselves.  We feel as there has been a pendulum shift with the migration over the last several years from the trading floor to the computer and that retail traders are now on a much more level playing field in the markets.  Some issues that still exist and are very real however include slippage, counter party risk, high margins on certain products and so on and so forth... Enter Nadex.

We had the opportunity to visit Nadex's Chicago headquarters a few months ago and came away extremely impressed.  The difference in Nadex and other exchanges is the fact that they are tailored to meet the needs of the retail trader.  This is the first exchange that I am aware of that has a stated purpose of catering to retail traders and our goal is to help spread the good word!  We asked two of our favorite presenters at the TradingPub to share some education on the market that could be applied to trading with Nadex.  We then worked on setting up a free Live Trading Session for anyone who opens a free demo account through Nadex.  To access the Live Trading Session, all you have to do is:

1.) Open a free Demo Account through Nadex - CLICK HERE for the DEMO

2.) Forward your demo confirmation email to us at

Special thanks to  Dan Cook and Aamar Hussain for the great session at the Pub!  Click the videos below to view each session:

Introduction to Nadex with Dan and Key Zones with Aamar

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