Kazakhstan, Tom Sosnoff and General Mills – Wait, What?

TradingPub Admin | October 5, 2012

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Remember the last time you turned on the news to find out whether you should buy bonds in Kazakhstan...we can't either.  While we have nothing against Kazakhstan, we are definitely in favor of quality content and education about the markets and prefer to learn about actionable trading ideas that we can actually use.

We have hosted several guests from tastytrade, America's fastest growing financial network, over the past year and always get great feedback from those sessions because of the high quality of education that is shared.  This past month, we hosted Tom Preston and Tom Sosnoff and both events were outstanding!  The video below is a session from tastytrade that includes:

  • The Issue with Slow Markets
  • Why Individual Traders Need a REAL Financial Network
  • Why we all eat General Mills Products but Never Trade Them
  • An example of Using Implied Volatility to Construct a Calendar Spread

We hope you enjoy the session below courtesy of tastytrade:

If you want to gain access to premium trading education from a REAL financial Network, you can open an account with tastytrade's preferred broker and access the show for free for two years  – Gain Access Here


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