The Axiom Strangle Strategy

TradingPub Admin | March 20, 2015

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At the Trading Pub it is our commitment to connect our members with some of the industry's best trading professionals. The live webinar events we host have been designed to create a dynamic environment where our guest presenters can be comfortable sharing their trading ideas and concepts with each and everyone of you. In this regard, our session with Rob Roy was no exception, as several hundred of you stopped by to learn about his unique Axiom Strangle Strategy for trading Options. Many of you asked for a video of this session, and you will find a link to this recording below:

During his presentation, Rob focused on:

  • Basic Options Concepts
  • The difference between a Straddle and a Strangle
  • Developed the Axiom Strangle Strategy
  • Proper Pattern Identification and When To Enter And Exit Your Positions
  • How to use Deltas when making a trading decision
  • Determining how to find the best trading patterns
  • How and where to spot early entry signals

At the onset of his presentation, Rob shared an excellent introduction to options trading education and the basic structure of call and put trades. Many of you commented that his explanation of these concepts was the best you have heard, and cleared up much confusion around the definition of these terms.  He then went on to clearly show and demonstrate the difference between a Straddle trade, a Strangle trade, and a Axiom Strangle trade.

Rob then concluded his presentation with a discussion on how to spot the best entry signals for applying the Axiom Strangle using classic wedge patterns, basic candle stick formations, and volatility indicators.

For all of the TradingPub followers, Rob extended a special offer that includes discounted access to his Axiom Strangle alert services and an extensive library of options trading education resources.  Get Rob's special deal today!





The Trading Pub Team